Financial Overview

St John Ambulance’s growth in recent years has enabled us to be a more resilient organisation and respond to crisis events that have impacted our communities over the past 2 years, while continuing to deliver our core services.

It is very pleasing to report we have been able to achieve a surplus of


for 2021


for 2020

Surpluses generated continue to be reinvested into enabling our organisation to deliver on our social purposes. We recognise that our staff and volunteers are our most important asset and investing in enabling and the training and development of our people is critical to our future success.  We continue to be committed to investing in upgrading our operational fleet, equipment, and systems to ensure St John NSW remains a capable and reliable partner supporting our communities.

We are committed to ensuring the long-term sustainability of St John NSW and will continue to explore ways that we can grow and diversify our income streams

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Our People


Sean McGuinness, Chair

Sean McGuinness

Scott McDonald, Deputy Chair

Scott McDonald
Deputy Chair

Sue Campbell-Lloyd AM, Director

Sue Campbell-Lloyd AM

Ilan Lowbeer, Commissioner

Ilan Lowbeer

Mick Campbell, Director

Mick Campbell

Stephen Woodhill, Director

Stephen Woodhill

Coretta Bessi, Director

Coretta Bessi

Executive Team

Sarah Lance, CEO

Sarah Lance

Damien Spence, Chief Financial Officer

Damien Spence
Chief Financial Officer

Andrew Sitaramayya, General Manager Events & Community Health Services

Andrew Sitaramayya
General Manager Events & Community Health Services

Marian Casey, Deputy Commissioner - Volunteering

Marian Casey
Deputy Commissioner -

Peter Bouhalis, Chief Information Officer

Peter Bouhalis
Chief Information Officer

Vanessa Lorford-Mills, General Manager People Performance & Culture

Vanessa Lorford-Mills
General Manager People Performance & Culture

Rebecca Skeete, General Manager Sales & Service

Rebecca Skeete
General Manager Sales & Service

Benjamin McClure, Deputy Commissioner - Youth

Benjamin McClure
Deputy Commissioner -

Elliot Williams, Deputy Commissioner -Advisory

Elliot Williams
Deputy Commissioner -

2021 Board of St John NSW

Our Governance

Our organisation is committed to the principles and practice of good governance. The Board of St John NSW sets the strategic direction of the organisation.

In 2021, our Board was supported by the following committees:

  • People & Governance: assists the Board in fulfilling its responsibilities to our people, enhances the culture of St John NSW and delivers oversight on people and clinical governance structures.

  • Audit Risk and Investment Committee: assists the Board in fulfilling its statutory and corporate governance responsibilities in the areas of the financial reporting, risk management and investment strategy.

  • Honours and Awards Committee: recommends to the Board the award of commendations, medals and prizes to members of St John NSW, external organisations and to members of the community.

Clinical Governance

We are governed by several clinical governance processes, including:

  • The National Medical Advisory Panel (MAP)

  • St John NSW Clinical Governance Committee

  • The Clinical Advisory Group.

All St John NSW personnel operate under St John Australia’s National Clinical Practice Guidelines which ensures that each patient receives the highest level of care to achieve the best possible medical outcome. Our National Clinical Practice Guidelines are regularly audited and updated to ensure best practice and that we remain Australia’s leader in the field of pre-hospital care.

Training Governance

St John Australia is a Recognised Training Organisation (RTO number: 88041) and issues nationally recognised qualifications and statements of attainment. St John Australia’s medical and technical advisory committees authorise the content of courses, ensuring excellence in education outcomes using the latest teaching techniques and course content to meet both Australian and International standards.

State Council

Our State Council has an important role to play as the voice of all our volunteers. This proud group of volunteers support our organisation through five main functions:

  • Maintain the history and traditions of the Order in the State.

  • Foster support for the St John Hospital in Jerusalem and communicate news about the Hospital to volunteers and others.

  • Assist staff in organising ceremonial activities, including the Investiture and the Annual Awards Ceremony.

  • Confirm recommendations by the Board for the appointment or reappointment of Board Directors to the Deputy Prior.

  • Support and foster the policies and regulations regarding volunteers.

Honours and Awards

Members of the Order

Membership within The Order of St John is an honour sanctioned by the Governor-General on behalf of The Order’s Sovereign Head, HM Queen Elizabeth II. Admission to, or promotion within The Order is awarded to members who make significant contributions to the objectives and purposes of St John.

St John NSW members are invested into The Most Venerable Order of The Hospital of St John of Jerusalem during an annual Investiture ceremony.

Annual Awards Ceremony

Our Annual Award Ceremony allows us to celebrate and publicly recognise the extraordinary actions undertaken by community members, emergency services and our very own volunteers and staff who provided lifesaving or life sustaining first aid to a person in need, often in difficult emergency situations.

Read more about our Members of the Order and 2021 Annual Award recipients here.

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