To support our community

We re-invest profits in our people, our assets and our technology to ensure we are fit for purpose. We diversify our programs and income streams, so we are sustainable. As custodians of St John we engage, enable, reimagine and future proof our organisation to ensure it is prepared for the future.

We’re there when the community needs us

Investing in our Operations

We need to continue to be ready to meet the needs of our community. It’s why – in 2022 - we invested in our equipment, vehicles, and systems. Whether it’s a school sporting match, major state event, or a natural disaster, investing in our assets means we can help achieve greater outcomes for NSW.

  • Equipment – invested in first aid equipment and operational equipment to ensure our members can support our communities and respond to natural disasters.

  • Vehicles – ordered 25 new vehicles to support community and disaster response capability.

  • Systems – built new Customer Relationship Management system, new website, and customer portal to improve customer experience in 2023. We also made significant cybersecurity improvements to protect our customers.

    A St John NSW Cadet smiles at a training session

    "Our volunteers are in communities across NSW every week, helping keep people safe. Making sure they have the right equipment and systems means communities get the best possible care. It also makes volunteering with St John NSW a satisfying experience"

    Ilan Lowbeer,
    Commissioner St John NSW

    A St John NSW Cadet smiles at a training session

    Investing In Our People

    In 2022 we upskilled our members to be better placed to meet evolving community health needs.

    • 220 members completed their Certificate II in Medical Service First Response qualification and became First Responders.

    • 84 members enrolled to complete the Certificate IV in Leadership
      and Management.

    • 23 members became Clinical Educators.

    "The Clinical Educator course was a natural choice to extend my own clinical teaching experience and help our Divisions within St John NSW continue to train and grow.”

    St John NSW member

    Download our Capability Statement HERE

    Improving volunteer experience

    In 2022 we welcomed more than 572 new volunteers to the organisation.

    We made volunteering with St John NSW even more engaging and flexible. We recognise that the easier it is to join and volunteer within our organisation, the greater the impact we will be able to make in our communities.


    Introduced a dedicated Welcomer Team to help onboard new volunteers.


    Upskilled volunteer leaders by providing access to resources that improve their operations in running a volunteer Division, developing local induction programs, and providing learning pathways for newly promoted volunteer and staff leaders.


    Improved resources including equipment such as AEDs.

    A St John NSW Cadet smiles at a training session

    Offering a better
    customer experience

    From our people to systems, we made significant changes to offer a better customer experience. Behind the scenes we developed a new e-commerce offering, customer portal and website for release in 2023 – making it easier than ever for people to engage with us.

    Listening to our customers

    We also introduced mechanisms to proactively seek meaningful feedback from our customers and partners.
    For the first time, we have been able to develop a deeper understanding of our customer and student sentiments through satisfaction scores and real-time feedback from training students. This information allows us to calculate what is known as a Net Promoter Score (NPS) – a measure of customer loyalty based on how likely customers are to recommend us to someone else. Our NPS stands at 75, an incredible achievement against the market average NPS for training providers of just 54.

    "Good online materials. On-site instructor knew his subject thoroughly and made an otherwise dry subject entertaining. He was also very helpful and provided excellent support. I would recommend the course to anyone."

    Course Participant

    "Totally engaging down-to-earth instructor who made the day educational, practical & [had a] realistic approach to all first aid situations."

    Course Participant

    Pre-learning was excellent, and I hope it can be accessed again as a refresher! The lecturer on the
    day was very knowledgeable and thorough.”

    Course Participant

    New CBD Training Facility

    With our growing training needs, St John NSW opened a new dedicated training facility in Sydney’s CBD in 2022. The centrally located venue has three training rooms which can accommodate larger groups of 20 students in each room. It also includes premium laser projection and AV for our new SJx training, providing an overall improved training experience.

    St John NSW volunteers stand in front of a fleet of vehicles

    Child safety – 
    a key priority

    St John NSW has over 600 young people aged 8-17 involved in our Juniors and Cadet programs. These young people meet weekly during school terms and receive first aid, communication, and leadership training. They are also given volunteering opportunities in their local communities – working alongside our adult members to provide first aid services at events.
    Protecting and promoting the wellbeing of young people is central to our culture and the way we operate.

    In 2022, St John NSW achieved a Child Wise Bronze Accreditation. Child Wise is internationally recognised and assesses how organisations are performing compared to best practice in child safety standards. The Child Wise stamp (pictured) helps parents, carers and young people easily recognise and choose child safe organisations.

    The accreditation also acknowledged our leaders who demonstrated a commitment to continuous improvement in safety for children and young people.

    We have embedded the 10 child safe standards across our organisation that demonstrate our commitment to child safety. In 2022 some of the key highlights were:

    • Created a new Youth Advisory Group for 8–21 year-olds.

    • Hosted parent and carer Q&A forums, established a new “Youth News” Parent Newsletter, and new Youth Feedback email.

    • Expanded our Child Wellbeing Officer Program to include 30 officers.

    The collaboration with Child Wise has been invaluable but it doesn’t stop there.  We will continue to review our practices to ensure the ongoing safeguarding of children while in our care.

    Developing our
    future leaders

    St John NSW understands the importance of supporting and upskilling our leaders of the future. In 2022 we placed an even stronger focus on our youth volunteers (aged 8-17 years).

    Youth member engagement

    During 2022, youth volunteers resumed face-to-face training, giving them the opportunity to re-connect and continue their learning programs.

    Three training and leadership development camps were held with over 100 youth volunteers and leaders. The Leadership camps are designed to teach our future leaders about communication, the characteristics of a good leader, role modelling and time management – ultimately helping to improve their personal development skills.

    Three Youth Leadership courses were also held with more than 60 youth volunteer leaders being trained up as our newest young leaders from communities across the state.  

    We also strengthened youth engagement and the opportunities for youth to shape our organisation, through the creation of a Youth Advisory Group.

    NSW team for the 2023 St John National First Aid Championship (centre) Cadets Niyati,  Manaswi, Trist and Daniel. Pictured with Dr. Christian Kunde, State Youth Programs Coordinator (L) and Youth Leader Teresa Tran (R).

    Return of youth first aid competitions

    We held our first Youth First Aid Competitions since 2019. Returning in a new format, the focus was on education and personal development with over 34 youth volunteers competing across event categories.

    The event culminated in the selection of a NSW team and a Contingent Leader to compete at the 2023 St John National First Aid Championships in Victoria.

    "In 2022 we saw a real enthusiasm across our youth programs. Our divisions have returned to more normal operations after COVID-19. Interest from the community is increasing, and youth volunteer engagement has been exceptional across our leadership courses, camps, participation in first aid competitions, and community service through event attendance."

    Benjamin McClure
    Deputy Commissioner - Youth

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